Quiltworx University Amish Dinner - The Carriage House

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Enjoy an all you can eat Thresher’s Meal and Old-Fashion Quilting Bee at an Amish homestead. Elaine Jones invites you to join her and her family of friends in an Amish Quilting Bee. The ladies will first serve you a delicious home-cooked, 2 meat, traditional Amish meal. Then pull up a chair around 4 original quilt frames filled with hand pieced Amish quilts. They’ll demonstrate how to piece, mark and get the quilt ready to sew. Then you’ll sit beside them and participate, watch, learn or just chat as these Amish ladies lead the novice and experienced quilter in an old-fashioned quilting.

The Carriage House
located 8 miles south of Shipshewana
5280 S 500 W
Topeka, IN 46571

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